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Incident Response (CSIRT)


Are You Superhero, Secret Agent Or Firefighter Material?

Do you want to work with IT and Security where it really matters? Do you want to help fight cyber-crime and help companies and organizations that are affected so badly that the whole business is at risk? Simply, do you like to be the ultimate combination of a firefighter, secret agent and, superhero all at the same time? Then this is the right place!

Truesec Incident Response Team is a virtual team consisting of members from various specialized domains working closely together and sharing knowledge. See below for which open positions are available or Connect with us to let us know about your availability. You'll then get notified when there are new open positions. 

How We Make a Difference

Regardless of what hour of the day or what the problem is, there are always people available to help. That’s our core strength, and together with the passion for IT and the will to help people is what makes us unique.

Our team consists of cyber specialists covering the full spectrum of cybersecurity, each of us contributing with our unique expertise, willingness to make a difference, and a genuine wish to help. Our shared knowledge and a strong sense of purpose give us a leading edge in our quest to fight cybercrime. 

We Help Minimize Impact of Cyber Breaches

Whenever an IT environment is compromised, someone notices that there are unwelcome guests in the network, sensitive data has been leaked or encrypted. That’s when we get a call! 

And just like a fire brigade is heading to the fire, we get on the first available airplane and head to the customer to help them onsite to contain the situation. We start a forensic investigation to identify how they got in, what systems they have touched and what data might have been extracted . In parallel, another team is rebuilding the infrastructure and rescuing as much data as possible. Calling us firefighters is something multiple customers have done, as they felt the same relief when we came onsite as you may when the fire brigade comes.

We Handle Most Big Incidents in Sweden

We are generally not allowed to talk about our customers, but we have been involved in almost all big incidents in Sweden that you may or may not have heard about in the news. During the incidents we work long days, nights and weekends - the breached company's survival may be at stake.

It’s a small team of the most advanced Swiss army knives that have to be able to operate, recover or build a new IT environment from scratch in no time - using the latest technology and security features, all done under a lot of pressure.

Seeing all these incidents and the problems in different IT environments gives us a unique understanding of how to build solutions to not end up in a situation like that in the first place. We love to share our knowledge with the community, and thus we are often speakers at various big events for audiences of hundreds to thousands of listeners.

But to set things into perspective a bit and set the right expectations, doing proactive and scheduled assignments is by far the biggest part of our job. The incidents are mostly to spice things up.

Team Up With the Most Dedicated Team of Cyber Experts

If you would like to join our team, we offer you all the above. The possibility to work with things that matter. To be part of a team who all work together as a team helping each other help others! You will never have a boring day or a day that feels like the day before or feel like you know everything. In fact, there is a big risk that you will most likely feel that you never know enough and that there is always too much new stuff to learn. But if cybersecurity is your passion, that won’t be a problem! 

About You 

We think that you are the person who always sees solutions where others see problems. That you are the person everyone else turns to when they don’t know and that you at times feel there is no one to turn to, to ask for help when you need some. And you are the one who wouldn’t mind being either a firefighter, a superhero, a secret agent? Or why choose, be all of the above!

If not us – then who?  

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